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My Ross Goose Mount


Dead Goose

Here some pictures of geese we (my brother and I) shot on December 27 and 28 of 1997 while visiting our Grandparents in  El Campo Texas.  (Thanks for letting us hunt on your land Terry, we had a great time)

blue and blue       (Andrew and I each shot a blue)

snow and spec  (He has a snow and I have a spec)



I finally got a scanner!!!!! An UMAX Astra 1200S.   I scanned a lot of old hunting pictures and will post them now.

buck.jpg (32008 bytes)
My first real buck... (a  nubbin' don't count)

goose.jpg (37801 bytes)
My first goose.. a snow near Baytown, TX

manor1.jpg (43951 bytes)
A good pheasant and chuker hunt

manor2.jpg (37666 bytes)
Another shot of that hunt

pheasant1.jpg (53559 bytes)
My first pheasant, a hen

pheasant2.jpg (42351 bytes)
A shot of that bird in the air

pheasant3.jpg (21155 bytes)
My first rooster, my bro and I both shot it

pheasant4.jpg (44618 bytes)
A picture of the pointer we had that day

teal.jpg (44149 bytes)
My first duck, a blue wing teal (if I remember), it was on January 1 1988

turkey.jpg (24815 bytes)
My first turkey, a Tom in Junction, TX

turkey1.jpg (43379 bytes)
Another shot of the turkey




dove.jpg (46780 bytes)
My first dove hunt, Fall '87 or before, in Quihi, TX
george_o.jpg (21809 bytes)
George Oggero's big buck in Junction, TX
b_buck.jpg (48061 bytes)
My second deer, a button buck in Junction, TX
new_geese.jpg (24325 bytes)
Goose hunt with Blue Goose in Altair, TX
geese2.jpg (25441 bytes)
Goose hunt with Blue Goose in Altair, TX
geese_2.jpg (30489 bytes)
Goose hunt with Blue Goose in Altair, TX
geese_22.jpg (29592 bytes)
Goose hunt with Blue Goose in Altair, TX
w_wing.jpg (32085 bytes)
More dove from Connies
brandi.jpg (17943 bytes)
More dove from Connies