Me, my brother and my roommate went dove hunting at my Godmothers in Austin, TX.

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My golden retriever, Brandi

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Me and my brother

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Sunday mornings doves

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Andrew, Me, Rhett (L-R)

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Rhett and his first dove




Just me.  Same place Austin, TX.  A cold front blew down that week and there were birds everywhere.




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The decoys
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The field
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Another field
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Morning Hunt
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Evening Hunt



Tyler and I  in Austin, TX.



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Ok look closely and you'll count 3-5 doves (Tyler-Me).  He WOUNDED one and I brought it down, so I think it's mine.  Well he refused to take the picture unless we took one where he has 4 and I have 4.  You make the call.

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Two birds, one shot.




Me, my brother and my father went on a hunt with Bill Osborn's Guide and Kennels, again.   We ended up getting ten ducks: two mallards, one drake and one hen (both shot by my brother), my dad shot a wood duck, and then some spoonbills and gadwalls.   We only saw about 50-80 ducks.  I would go back in a second and highly recommend them.  You can contact them from the link above.

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My brother shot this spec

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On February 6 a group of us went hunting in El Campo, TX.  It was me and my brother, Andrew, Coby and his brother Patrick, my friend from A&M Tyler, and Andrews friend Mike.  We shot 8 geese, 6 snows and 2 blues.

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Me and my two
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A group shot of us
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A shot of the geese
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A different shot of the geese
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Mike and Andrew
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