Mid Summer

I went to visit my bro in CS and he and his girlfriend and I went to one of those catfish farm near 290 and 6.  Not too bad, chicken liver on a hook, not like topwaters on the coast, but hell it was fun.


September 1st 2002

Opening day in Austin...
Nice to be back in Austin, that fresh air, the wildlife, I was talking to my friend Erin before she left for Germany and I saw three deer on Fitzhugh road,  nice to see 35 and 71 is STILL under construction (yea, if that is ever going to be completed.)  I left Houston around 8 Saturday morning and got things ready at Dripping, I also scouted that evening and took care of some shopping.  Collin met me at The Salt Lick for some good BBQ and listen to the Aggies.  Well we got up at 5:20ish and headed over to Connies, I recall the weather was quite enjoyable, gnats were worse than the last few years, but just about as soon as we arrived the shots started and I took that for a good sign of things to come.  The birds started flying late that morning and shooting was pretty steady for about an hour from 8:30 - 9:30 which is when I shot just about all my birds.  Collin got his limit about 10.  This was my first outing with my 682 Gold E and I really liked having the O/U, I could shoot and walk straight to a bird with out having to worry about finding the hulls.  I started out 5/5 and then went down hill very very quickly.

Two Italian beauties, I missed a third that weekend

My limit and Collins (L-R)

Dove breast, soaked in beer, then marinated in the two shown marinates

September 2nd 2002

Second day in Austin...
The nice weather the morning before did not return.  I switched to my 391 to see if my poor shooting was the gun or me, I shot somewhat better but nowhere near the level I shot last year.  I think we had 16 birds between the three of us.

Bailey, Steve, Collin (L-R)

The rest
More as of 05/06/2004

Teal Season September 14th - 22nd

Opening day
This was my first year on Halls Bayou Ranch and the place looked awesome.  I called Todd (the lease manager) early in the week to get a spot for our group (Ryan S., Terry N., T.J., W., and Steve W.); we had the corner of a flooded rice field, right near Willow Bayou.  We all met in a field where they hauled us to our location behind ATVs with trailers.  I had bought new blue wing teal decoys and used those tangle free kits you can buy, and when I opened up the bag ALL of them were tangled (tangle free my a**!)  This was a sign of things to come for the season, someone ALWAYS went wrong.  Well after about 20 minutes of swatting mosquitoes we got the decoys set and were ready to hunt.  Man it was muggy that day, and as always on the coast, lots of mosquitoes.  The hunting was nothing to brag about, we saw tons of birds but they just didn't want to decoy, I think we ended up with about 13 or so for five of us.  But on the way out we saw a group that was next to us, and they had out like four mojos and a few dozen decoys on the water, those teal locked up about 80 yards out and didn't care what happened, it was amazing to watch.

Opening day of teal season '02

The rest

Next day
Steve had to leave during the hunt, and Ryan was at a bachelor party so today it was my brother, Steve's dad, Terry and T.J and myself.  This time we had a mojo, a mojo dove, and a wonder duck on the water.

My brother and I


Here is how I summarized it at the time.

Saw TONS of teal, lots of whistlers, few mottled and spoonies. We were hunting a left pocket in a cut rice field, those birds just didn't like the left pocket. All but 2 or 3 shots were pass shooting. 5 shooters, dekes were 2 dz. BWT 6 mottled. 13 birds, lost 3. On the way out we drove by a group with 4 mojo, dude the teal were locked up at first sight, it was amazing to watch. Shot over a box, hit 2 birds for sure.

Saw way less teal, and pretty much less everything, 'cept black birds. Same corner, 5 shooters, 3 returning, 10 birds, lost one cripple, my fault, I shouldn't have taken the shot. Dekes, 16 BWT, 2 mottled, 1 mojo, 1 wonder, 1 mojo-dove. Most of these shots were decoying. Shot leftover box, killed 6 for sure, 1 cripple and had to swat.  4. Mojo were still awesome, just not ours... it had to be the spot in the field. Those guys were on top of the levy walking around and the damn teal were still locked.


September 20th 2002
This was also opening day of South zone dove season.  Boy oh boy did it rain since last weekend, I mean a good 10 inches, it was really wet out there.  I  hunted with Ryan, a friend of his, Terry and his dad.  This was my first hunt with my ATV.  We setup in the same general area as before.  Just didn't see many birds.  You can you see how I wrote it up at the time.  Man I was really looking forward to a good dove season out there, nope!  Sucked, I think I shot 3 or 4 dove all year out there (not including those shot while teal hunting).

Hindsight said I should have gone out with Brent on Sunday, him and Waller got a limit of teal in 15 minutes, oh well.


Well I took off Friday to chase some teal along with the boys, Choke Tube and the other lease members.

I got in the ATV Tuesday and was ready to try it.


We met up at 5 and went from there. When we got to our hunting area, I was thinking, the water is getting kinda deep, it was right at the floorboard level of my Grizzly (ha, see Sat. hunt). Put out a smattering of BWT and hens of mallets and pinnys. We shot 3 teal for 5 people, I didn't hit any. Ryan made a great passing shot on the first bird of the morning. The other 2 were late in the hunt. We did manager 9 dove, and I'm pretty sure I took 4 of those.

Dove hunt that afternoon sucked. I was talking to choke and shot at his bird, missed both times. I shot once at my seat and folded him. I walked right to it and couldn't find it. Count brought over his dog and she found it. I think maybe 20 birds for about 25 people? But the food and beer afterward were great! Thanks Brent and Steve.


I was a guest of Ducks Galore, Choke Tube was next door with KatyDucker and Count D. To the marsh, hmm... yea its a little deeper today when I look down and can't see my boots anymore. Yesterday was all 2WD, today was 4wd diff lock, would have been much better if I have on my vamps. I get to the blinds looking forward to having a nice seat and hear Brent say, the ******* blinds are gone! Long story, time to sit in the grass, no problem, wearing waders and soft mud. Its a stunning morning, we don't see many teal at all, but three lock in and come in, the 3 of us didn't let them get away.

That's it. Gonna wait till it drys up a little and try dove hunting again.


Duck Season November 2nd - January 19th

November 2nd 2002

24 in 30ish

1 mottled
1 hen mallard
1 bluebill
2 GWT, 1 hen, 1 drake
rest BWT

some guys in the same field shot a awesome tree duck and widgeon.


November 3rd 2002

5 of us, 27 birds.

1 tree duck
1 widgeon
1 gadwall
1 spoony (my bad)
4 blue bills, I shot a drake lesser that was gorgeous
rest BWT



Just about all of the pictures from this year.

Video from Sunday the 3rd of November hunt