May 2-3rd 2003
Port O'Connor, TX

(from Coastal Ducks)

I had a good time this weekend. We had a pretty good group show up. The weather was almost perfect, except for Sunday morning. We found a few fish although some did more catching than others.

We boiled crabs and shrimp friday night. Sat for lunch we had a fish fry with crab stuffed jalapenos, crab cakes, hush puppies, french fries and salad.

We found a few fish Friday morning and ended up with 7 trout 3 reds and a flounder for four of us. I won't mention the breakdown of who caught what... We did have someone get skunked and someone else who boxed most of the fish, three reds and six trout to be exact. Won't mention who, though. I lost a huge trout on a small Skitter Walk, it opened the split ring on the front hook when it thrashed as I tried to grab it. It was a 7#+ fish.

Friday evening the East Texas Mafia showed up. Toledo Mike and East Texas Mud Duck decided to hit the little jetties and got into some fish. They were catchin' carp every cast and wondering why in the world would these carp had a spot on their tail. Must have been the saltwater messing up their pigmentation or something. Well, they were throwing those carp back as fast as they were catching them when a guy down the way said "What the heck are you boys throwing those redfish back for?" Well they realized the error of their ways and quickly strung four or five reds and a couple of trout including one trout that went about 22" or so.

Saturday Rebsbud and I opted to try to find some fish to sightcast to with flyrods. We saw some fish but the tide was too high to be effective. By the time I would spot a fish it would be right on me and would spook. Rebsbud caught a trout and a red, I think. Both were released. I had shots at a half dozen or more reds and quite a few drum. I had a couple pick up the fly but I set the hook too quick and stripped it from their mouth. That's my #1 problem with a flyrod. Lionsteve hooked up with a solid fish but it broke him off. My brother in the other boat found some fish out deeper and ended up with four or five trout and a red or two, I don't remember the exact count. Some of the other folks on his boat drew the skunk.

Saturday evening we made a quick run down near Pass Cavallo. We waded the last couple hours of daylight and had slicks popping and some bait milling. We made a long wade and I headed back for the boat when I walked into a school of fish. I already had two trout on my stringer and I added five more in about as many casts. I was about to finish up my limit when I felt a sharp jolt and heard and felt a huge splash from behind. I spun around just in time to see a big shark which had just cut three trout from my stringer. I pretty well walked thru that school of trout. My brother had a Do-Net which most of the time is pretty effective shark prevention. I went over and dumped my remaining fish into his Do-Net and went back looking for the school I just walked thru. Well it didn't take long and I popped another fish, added it to the Do Net and resumed fishing when all of a sudden I heard another big splash and knew instantly what it was. I looked up to see the Do Net and my brother's wading belt going one way and my brother going the other. After things quieted he recovered his wading belt and Do Net which had a huge hole ripped in it and all the trout but one were gone. The shark was long enough that when it hit the end of the rope it's tail was at Jeff's back hitting his wading net. That made the shark better than 6' long. One of the largest I have seen in the bay while wading. Jeff had the good sense to hit the ejection button and let the shark have his belt, do net and all. Noone got hurt, well it did hurt a little to loose all my fish but i'll get over it. No blood was drawn. Everyone always asks about sharks and rays when they wade fish the first time and I told everyone there is nothing to worry about, they steal a fish or two once in a while but it rarely happens in the bay. Usually it happens in the surf. Then we turn around and get eaten up twice by a big 'ol shark in front of everyone right there in the bay. Freak deal for sure, it doesn't happen like that often. I think I might need to go on a shark fishing trip...

We woke up Sunday to 20+mph wind with gusts, lots of gusts, to 30mph it was overcast and misting. We decided to go back to bed and call it a trip.

Saturday night the East Texas Mafia went looking for some nightlife. They said they found a heck of a party. Something about a camo clad woman and some 'ol gal who exceeded the weight rating of her shorts by a few pounds. They said the women they saw had some of their teeth left, though, which is quite a find in POC. I think they kinda felt right at home. I'll let them tell you about that, though.

I hope everyone had a good safe trip home. I enjoyed meeting some new folks and seeing some I met in Centerville again. We had a good time down there and I hope some more folks will come down when we do this again.

Picts More Picts

September 1st 2003

Once again back in Austin...

What can I say, good to be back; driving 80 miles round trip in Houston is getting old.  I arrived in Dripping around noon on Sunday the 31st to get the house ready and to beat the traffic.  My brother is living up here for the fall semester while he has an internship with the state government in Austin.  My buddies Andy Puls and Ryan Smith joined me up here for a hunt and I had them meet me at the cabin before we left for dinner at the The Salt Lick for some good BBQ.  Ryan had been there before but it was the first time for Andy.  I thought for sure it was going to be packed on a t-sip game day but we were seated in less than the quoted ten minutes.  We all ordered the family style and we soon served some of the best BBQ in Texas at a place that calls itself, "The Last little bit of Texas left in Austin."  After dinner time to get some cooking supplies at Albertsons before the next day.  After a night with LOTS of loud snoring we wake at around 5:15 and load up and head out the door.  I had previously arranged to meet Steve around 5:45 at 1 and Slaughter, didn't make it till around 6 so that put us at Connies around 6.  Upon pulling through the gate I saw that some other hunters who were allowed to hunt had beat us there and I pulled around back and had everyone unload ASAP to try to get to the spot I wanted for us.  Even with me hauling on the Grizz down there I was forced to find a new spot to hunt.  Andy, Steve with Bailey, myself, and Ryan all were in a line on a fence bordering a sunflower field waiting for sunlight.  It was over cast and the birds really did not start flying till 8, but once they did and we adjusted to a different part of the field we were dropping birds left and right.  I brought my 682 and a new gun, a Benelli Super Black Eagle and I had installed a Sure Cycle recoil spring and magazine spring kit.  I started out with the 682 but with the rain I switched to the SBE.  Not a bad gun at all, funny but I swear it kicks more than the O/U.  When I got the SBE I also picked up the MojoDove and placed it in a clearing that was between our two groups and turned it on.  I think we all agree that it did pull the birds in for a close look, even if just to fly over it, close enough.  I think Steve and I both got our limits around 9, Andy was soon after and I think Ryan got his around 10.  My brother showed up around 9:30 and I think he had his limit around 11.  I don't care how good South Texas is but when you have waves of white-wings flying over you ever five minutes, that's pretty good in my book.  We left the field after a few pictures of us and our 60 birds to Dripping.  I cleaned the ATV and the other guys started cleaning the birds.  As I was washing down the ATV I heard a hissing noise and found I had a leak in my front left tire on the ATV.  Oh well, I bought two sets of wheels and tires just for this reason, so the next day I picked up a package of Slime and a portable air compressor and so far so good.  After the birds were cleaned Ryan and my brother started on the fire and Andy and I got the birds ready.  The day before I had defrosted what I thought were ducks and dove, but the dove were actually quail so the ducks were soaking in a Jamaican Jerk Sauce and the quail were in Lawerys Havana Lime and Garlic sauce.  The doves we did the typical Texas jalapeņo and bacon.  We did half with fresh jalapeņos and the other half with pickled jalapeņos.  The ducks turned out pretty good considering they were probably divers and the quail were awesome.  Well Ryan and Andy packed up and headed out after a good hunt, some good BBQ and some spicy doves.  Andrew and I met some friends Bubba and Drew at Connies for an afternoon shoot.  We were there to fish and as bird dogs since we had already taken our limit.  Honestly I didn't think this spot had many doves and I wanted to fish the tank I had found about a month earlier on the ATV.  I put out the Mojo and two other FeatherFlex dove decoys on rebar 'T' and as soon as I cast I heard a shot.  Kinda surprised I turned to see a bird crumple and fall to the ground.  Hmm... fluke I thought, back to those bass.  Another few casts and another shot, so I reel in and go watch.  I don't know what it is about that spot but doves were coming and going all day long.  After helping the two on the back side look for a downed bird my brother heads over to look for one and hears a rattle and kinda jumps and shoots in mid air.  He calls us over and I see what looks like a 6' rattler just about blown in half, big snake folks.  Well after we get back Steve pulls up to prepare Bailey for duck season.  I think the final count was around 12 for Drew and 7 for Bubba but he had lost some to it was closes to his limit.  A very good ending to a day that started out making me wonder if we were going to shoot more than three or four.  A big thanks to Connie to letting us hunt at her place once again.

Ryan, Andrew, Andy, Steve

Ryan, Andrew, Brad, Steve



September 2nd 2003

Second day in Austin...

Everyone had to work but me (I took the week off to get a band ;) ) so I head over alone to Connies for another go round with the doves.  The previous day I noticed the air in the front right ATV tire was leaking but I did not think any more of it.  I unloaded the ATV with the flat tire figuring I'd just go easy on it, but when I looked for my key I realized I had left it in Dripping Springs.  It not very fun to push the ATV in the trailer without power or someone else helping... Anyways I digress, back to the birds, I setup in the front with the Mojo and the two FeatherFlex decoys.  I did pretty good, five mornings on the front side and I had one double (shot both barrels and brought down two birds) so I was pretty happy with that.  It got to around nine and I kept waiting for the white-wings to show up but it never happened.  I went to the back field where I shot three more, including a double on white-wings.  I left at ten to buy some Slime for the tires and brought it all back here and put in the Slime and filled it up.  My brother and dad met up with me at the same place we hunted Monday afternoon, good ol' South Texas Pin-striping.  Oh well, we set the Mojo up in a disced field, loaded the SBE and started waiting.  It started off pretty slow, I knocked down a high WW and got a few more near the mojo and lost a few in the think grass by the tank.  My total was eleven for the day and I think my brother had one or two and my father had one.


September 3rd 2003

Got the key this time...

Just me and the 682, its so nice to have an O/U where you can eject spent shells in your hand and not worry about finding them on the ground.  This time I loaded all the gear on the ATV and headed back to the back field and same tree we have been using.  I saw a lot more white-wings today but very few would come within range, did scratch out two along with four morning doves.  Saw enough to get a limit but I either missed or was at the wrong angle so the house was in the background and I couldn't shoot.  But hey, got half my limit and did not loose a bird, can't complain.  Plus I found out that calves like the taste of BBQ Sunflower seeds... I left a pack on my ATV and when the cows were going by they started licking them.  After I put the guns up I aired up the tire and drove it around awhile and it seems to be holding air, so I guess tomorrow morning I'll know.


September 4th 2003

Tire is good...

I didn't hunt last night, I took the afternoon off and cooked some of the birds and my brother rented Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.  I think the birds slowed down again this morning, I only shot four but it took me about a box to do it, man my shooting is really going down hill fast!  Took the SBE this morning and tried the Armusa Gold Serial 28, I should have picked a better day to try them out, I think I only connected with three of the shots, well I had three floaters but the three I found had some impressive wound channels, at 1410 FPS those 7.5 sure have some power.  I think my favorite so far are the Rottweil Super Game, they are about the same price as AASC or Nitro Golds and are a pigeon load so faster and more pellets.  Oh well, gun is clean as are birds, off till this afternoon.  Well this time we hunted the far end of the field we had been hunting in the morning and Steve and his roommate Donivan joined me.  Right when they pulled up I had just connected with one morning dove and before it I had missed about three easy shots.  We had some decent shooting on a fairly regular basis so I can't complain.  Our total was ten birds and I had three of them.  We finished off the hunt with dinner at my favorite Chinese Restaurant, Taiwan Restaurant on William Cannon.

The Morning


September 5th 2003

Dad along...

This morning was my dads last hunt before he left for Luling and we hunted the top of the hill.  The morning was overcast and there was slight breeze, it was a very nice start of a hunt.  Since it was over cast it stayed dark longer than usual and the birds really did not start flying till later.  The first shot came from my fathers side-by-side Aya 12 gauge and he had Lil' Skitters 12-20.  The 20 gauge Remington did the job and he folded the morning dove right behind a tree.  I had a few shots and I missed, and the next bird on the ground was again my fathers; unfortunately, it would be his last of the day.  I had one morning dove come to the Mojo and just kinda hover there and I missed the bloody thing, not much for a confidence booster.  I ended the hunt with five doves (two WW) and my dad had two.  Two or three groups came into the Mojo and made for some very easy shooting.  We had one come in between my father and I that we both emptied our guns at and it just floated on by, lucky SOB.  Afterwards I put up the 682 and my father talked with the ranch manager Sid about tractors, fences, cattle, water, hay and snakes, all things that are discussed about farming and ranching in Texas.  I bet that man of 74 years has some stories and wisdom.  My college buddy Matt is coming up for the weekend so I got birds on ice ready to be cooked.  This afternoon rocked!  The shooting wasn't fast and furious, but I finished out my limit in two hours, but just about every bird was shot darting into the tank where I was fishing.  Yep, a cast and blast.  Caught some small perch and shot some morning doves with the SBE, pretty good afternoon.  My shooting wasn't anything to brag about but around two shots per bird to finish out my limit, all morning doves, never saw a WW within 100 yards of me.  I think tomorrow I am gonna film, I had intended to tape some hunts but have yet to do it so I think tomorrow is the day.

The Afternoon


September 6th 2003

No film...

Well I had wanted to film but once I looked in the camera and bag and saw no film I decided to take the 682 and try my hand again.  Some college buddies Matt and Scott joined me for a chance at some good dove shooting.  We chose the front field and the morning doves started flying early.  After Matt scared a few Scott dropped the first one of the day, I think I had the next one and somewhere along the way Matt got his first.  We ended with 8, 5,and 5 (Brad, Matt, and Scott)

Scott and Matt

8, 5, 5

Me and Scott

Cooking the birds

That evening it was 3, 7, and 3 (Brad, Matt, and Scott)


September 7th 2003

5, 2, 7 (Brad, Matt, and Scott)

Scott and Matt

5, 7, 2


Teal Season September 13th - 28th

Opening day

No matter how bad you remember the heat and mosquitoes being, they are always worse on the first day of the season.  Ok we were hunting Volles pond which I had never been to before so I wanted to get there early to make sure we found it.  We agree to meet at the pipe gate and I get there early, cool, and am waiting... no Scott, no Mike.  Cool, I call them, Scott is just pulling up at the front gate, so I won't see him for 30 min. or so and no contact with Volle.  Ok Scott gets there and we head off to find the blind.  After about 10 min. of driving we find a pond and go looking for it.  We find a fiberglass pit that we are pretty sure its it.  I finally reach Volle and find out he over slept and is about 30 min. behind, so Scott and I setup.  We get setup and Scott drops the first bird, nice start.  We hear a bike not too far away get stuck then we hear a guy walking through the marsh.  Anyways we end up with like 8 or 9 birds.  My shooting was sub-par.

Second day

Same spot, don't really remember much, not outstanding but we got some birds.

Monday 15th

I invited down Jason Smart (aka Skack) to hunt with us for a Monday teal hunt.  We hunted in the South Marsh where Brents group had been doing great and its a hard ATV ride out there so not everyone can make it there.  Anyways Brent, Randy, and Al hunt the football pond and Jason, Dickson, and I hunt another pond about 200 yards to the south.  Let it be known I warned Jason about the Off and the camo finish on his SBE.  A lone bird comes in and Dickson dumps it into the water.  He gets that one and another that he can't find over his shoulder to his left.  I dump one over right of Jason that I can't find, damn I wish we had brought Jason's dog.  It gets pretty slow there for awhile while we hear a war zone coming from Brents area.  We have two come into the dekes and we get them both, and as Dickson is getting the birds three more come in that we get as well.  Randy brings Bou'ee over and he finds both of the downed birds, very cool!

(Jason, me, Al, Brent, Randy, Dickson) L-R



Thursday 25th

Today I was the guest of Mr. David Gerhart (Dukfvr) and we hunted his pits on the east marsh.  He has some very nice pit blinds that I am considering getting for next year.  We had about five dozen decoys, two dozen teal on the right and three dozen mixed on the left.  I think we ended up with four but we had one group of six or seven come in that we waiting too long and only got one from it.  Good company makes up for a lack of birds.

Friday 26th

I had my brother take a day off and come down for a teal hunt in DU #3 North.  My first time to this pond with the new pit blinds and its a pretty easy ATV ride out there and you see an island with two 2 man pit blinds in it.  I like the looks of this pond, very ducky.  Anyways we put out about five dozen birds, and mix them with some in front and some in back.  It was me and Andrew in the right pit and Scott and his dog in the left pit.  I think we ended up with five and I got one double, but the other was a cripple and we lost it.

Andrew, Me


Sunday 28th

I took off Saturday with a cold and finished up Sunday with Greg (TexasWaterfowler), Dwayne (Drake 224)
 and Keith (Duckquest) at Four Island Pond.  We found the pond but we walked all around the blind and never knew it was there.  Anyways ended up with six, each taking two and poor Greg getting none.  Here is a link to the posts about that day.

October 11th

I was lucky enough to fish with Glenn Ging this Saturday.  The wind was blowing pretty hard and the bay was muddy but we still caught fish.  Three reds and two specs all on top waters.  Hard to beat that.  From Glenn,



Big Duck October 25th - 26th

Saturday 25th

We hunted a place called 30 acre rice, basically a corner of a rice field that was knocked down to have clear water.  We were covered in mottled. We shot our limit of mottled by like 7:10. Jesus, I could have shot like 50 mottled all under 20 yards.  I think we had like 16 and lost two BWT. 3 mottled, 1 tree duck, rest teal. Scott and Mike missed a widgeon.  Might have seen a farm duck but not sure, just so many mottled and pinnys.

Sunday 26th

Wow, what a difference 24 hours makes...  We hunted the same flooded rice pond we did the day before, it sucked!  We shot two BWT.  Should of had maybe 2 more and one guy flat missed a gimme shot at a mottled, thats it.  The weather was nice though, enjoyed it.


Big Duck November 8th - January 18th

Saturday November 8th

For some reason we had the split VERY early this year, so this was the opening day of the second season.  In short, it sucked and Scott got lost.  No ducks, fired one shot at a teal my partner should have had, shot a snipe, shot at a snow, thats it, 3 shots.  Don't know WTF happened to buttershot, he was behind me on the main trail, we get to the gate, not there. Wait for 5 min, no luck, went back to look, met three guys who came up the trail and said they didn't see jack.  Oh well, he probably did better than us, hell hard to do as bad as us.

The Full Story

Sunday November 9th

I was lucky enough to be invited to a Bay Prairie hunt by Andy Puls.  The hunters were me, Andy, his roommate Craig, and Mr. Gerhart and was guided by a friend of ours, Mr. Glenn Ging.  The lodge is Midfield so I stayed at my grandmothers with Andy and Craig.  That night we went to Greek Bros for some beer and food.  That night Leon Russell was playing so they had a special menu, a nice buffet.  While we were eating and drinking I spot a cute looking girl, she turns around and its my cousin, Krystle.  Nice way to jinx the evening.  Anyways we meet up with Glenn and David the next morning at the lodge and about about 20 minutes of driving to some BACK roads we get to this cattle pasture that we park and unload the gear.  Two ATV trips and we get to an island where we unload the gear and put out decoys.  We are using Glenns decoys and he has a very unique setup and makes them very easy to put up and pickup.  Anyways, once we get setup, its Glenn, me, David, Craig, and Andy (L-R).  Shot pretty good, got a double on teal.

David, Me, Andy, Craig (L-R)


My band. roll eyes (sarcastic)


The Full Story

Wednesday November 12th

Invited CBass out there for a hunt, didn't really think we had good changes with this weather so I figured better have someone who could tell a story...

Hunted my favorite spot at the lease, no ATVs needed, just walk a few hundred yards. Got setup about 20 minutes before hand, walked into a clump of cattails and found a blind I had no idea was there, too bad its too far from the edge of the cattails and even standing on the seat is still pretty think. 5 min. before we had birds everywhere, I dropped one from standing on the top of the seat and said screw this and moved to the front of the clump, had non-stop action and got our limit of 10 teal, 1 mottled (his first, congrats) and a drake gaddy (hard to tell its a male, had to look it up, not changing much yet) I got.

Very good hunt. Man I love when those teal come in full speed and then once you shoot they are gone! We had a pinny that was crossing us about 20 yards and just about as I was gonna shoot I say the pin, that bird is lucky!

Jason and I


Friday November 14th

Hunted with Brent and Randy in Marks Pond.  Nice easy, pretty clean freshwater hunt and it was actually chilly for the first few hours this morning.  Pretty slow but right at shooting time we had a lone greenhead come in, needless to say with the three of us shooting, he didn't leave.  Got that one mallard and one BWT, not much flying but it was COLD for a change!


Saturday November 15th

My hunting pards were both busy today so Mr. Waller hunted with me and Brent and his boys hunted in their blind.  Started off pretty good, had a teal in the dekes before time, but she got smart and left early.  Pretty soon after I dropped a drake gadwall in the dekes and then some teal came in and I totally messed up on those, crippled one. I shouldn't have even shot since Randy had the better angle. Then a mottled comes in and I shot and miss and my second shot is on the money and click, damn, shell hung in the action (so much for not cleaning the SBE until the end of the season) and Randy makes short work of that.  We get a few more including a pair of gadwall that come in PERFECT and the drake splits off to my side and the hen to Randys, he's like ok on three... boom, two dead ducks. COOL!!!

But the best part is when some specs get off the water and come right over us about 15 yards high... no jams this time, I remember just seeing geese get hit, and hit hard.  Randy thought three went down and one sailed and Brent confirmed that.  We only found two and looked for a good hour. 

Ended up with 2 specs
1 spoonie
1 mottled
4 gadwall

I really think we could have limited easy if we would have a bit better and got some of the teal and not left early to look for specs.  Oh and at some point one of my black duck dekes just starts moving very fast, I guess a red got caught in the line but it was cool to watch.


Thursday November 20th

Too tired yesterday to think straight, so I never called and got a good spot or invited anyone so its just me in the "open" part of the lease, read salt marsh.

I really like Dukfvr pits but you need about 5 dozen dekes there and I didn't feel like that much work this morning so I hunted a place that pretty much looks like a barney blind, comfortable, but not the best chances and I don't have to put my ATV in salt water (a big plus).  So anyways I get there way early this morning, setup in about 15 minutes and count shooting stars, I think its only 3 today.  Right after shooting time, 6:18,  I have three gadwalls in the dekes but I really didn't want to skillet shoot them so I was gonna try to get them to jump, no luck, they swam out and then jumped out of range.  Oh well, had some more work but they always landed on the other side of the pond, had about 10 teal buzz me, they didn't even look twice, two mottled circled and left.  So at about 9:45 I unload the gun and get ready to pick up dekes when I hear a splash in the water, crap drake gadwall, I put a shell in the chamber and one in the mag and the bird is already in the air, second shot he drops like a rock.  After I load up about 15 gadwalls start working but they won't comment, so they go to the other side of the pond.  After about 15 minutes one of them gets up and swings in range, boom, hit her, boom, hit her, boom fold.  Each shot I could see the impact, damn tough gadwall today.

Anyways, after wading in water about 1/2 inch under my wader line I get the birds and pick up.  About 10 minutes into picking up decoys two gadwalls try to come in but flare for me.

Not the best day, but better than you guys in the office.


Well I was not very good at keeping a record of the rest of the season.  I hunted about 3.5 days a week was my average for the rest of the year.  I'll post up some picts from December 31st and on since I bought my digital camera then but I don't have the stories to go along with many of them.

Friday November 21st

Three of us got nine, lost one and should of had three or four more, maybe five if we got lucky.  I hunted with Andy (Doe Nob) and Scott (Buttershot) at the McLaren Pitts.  It was good hunt, but the damn mosquitoes were really bad and it was hot.  Not what you would expect for almost December.

From Andy,

Brad was nice enough to invite me out to Halls and I got to hunt with him and Buttershot and he even taxied me to the blind instead of making me hike from the truck! Shot an honest half limit for 3 guys, as always, should have stacked a few more, but then again, if I knew exactly what tha dux was gonna do, it wouldn't be as much fun. And actually, I'm kind of glad it was slow, it kept me out of the office for the majority of the day, if we had limited out by 7:30, I would still have had enough time to put in a full days labor. Thanks Scott and Brad!

Saturday November 22th

Hunted in Davids pitt blinds with just Mike and myself.  If we were shooting god we would of had this:
2 mottleds (I crushed one, other got away)
2 gadwall (lung shot, Mikes lab found her, other got away)
1 ??? duck (I was watching the back, Mike the front (so i thought) landed in the dekes and he emptied his gun on it and it got away)
6 spoonies (2 and 4) (again in the front, took a shot, never cut a feather)
1 teal (in the water behind us before shooting time, but close to it)

we left at 9:30

Oh and had a 1 foot gardener snake in your pit.

Sunday November 23th

Well Saturday night was Laurens (Rhetts girlfriends) surprise birthday party, so I went over there, ate some food, drank some beer and crashed at around midnight only to get up for the next days hunt around 4:30.  Brents post about it.

Ended up hunting a reservoir on the Ranch that was recently drawn down to make it more huntable. We were "volunteered" to be the guinea pigs and it paid off.

Ag {Dane}, Thib {Dickson}, Drundie, and I hunted in two small patches of cattail grass surrounded by some groceries teeming with seeds. Wind was a factor as was cover but we managed to shoot 12, which I believe was top bird count for the day so I think we did ok. We should have had many more, but a combo of hunting 25 yards apart and trying to allow everyone a shot on numerous occasions ended up costing us a shot altogether or shooting at inopportune times. We ended up firing 100 rounds between the 4 of us!!

Fun time though. A different hunt but fun!


Wednesday November 26th

Went snipe hunting with Andy.  The report from that day from Andy.

Took off an fought the traffic for a snipe hunt with Drundel this afternoon. We saw a ton of birds, didn't get as many in range as I thought we would. Most of the shots we got were legitimate 35+ yards with a few easy ones mixed in. I also discovered it is unwise to light one up at 15 yards with a mod choke or all you will recover is two wings and one foot. Scratched out 10 for the day, I was happy as hell with that. Not an easy hunt slogging ankle deep mud all day, but sure as heck better than being in the office. I also need to get a bird dog next time, I killed two birds we could never find, and this is on open plowed ground, they just blend in perfectly.

Quote of the day:
Andy: That bird should be right here, I see feathers, I saw him go down here...
Brad: How well did you hit him?
Andy: Oh, I do'nobbed him!
Brad: Oh, so you mean to say he probably flew off then?
Andy: You bastard.

My retort.

Guys, when Andy says they are holding tight, that means 40+ yards away, so you want a turkey choke with pheasant shot.

Pretty fun hunt, thank god I had zip ties cause my mud boots kept coming off, they were a lifesaver. Had a LM choke and shooting pigeon load #8, still only had one clean kill, damn those birds are tough to kill.

Thanks Andy. Mine are cooking right now.

Thursday November 27th

I hunted Rodneys Pitts this morning with Mike and his youngest daughter, Kailey.  Mosquitoes were still bad!  Had a flock of pintails come in behind us that sounded like a jet engine, totally awesome!  I think we ended up with a teal and two bluebills.

Friday November 28th

Took the day off and went to CS Thursday night with Joe, met up with Sean and Collin and the crew.

Saturday November 29th

I am pretty sure this is the morning we hunted Scotts pond with Scott, his father, and Mike.  We had some teal buzz us early we should of taken the shot at.  Mike had some shots he missed on his side, and Scott and Mike finally hit a spoonie or two.

Sunday November 30th

I hunted with Jason (cbass) and Justin (diehardducker) this morning in Matagorda Bay.  We shot two ducks, a redhead hen, and a spoonbill.  Post.

Tuesday December 2nd

I hunted in Richards Pond with Scott and his dad.  I could not find the blind I wanted but we got setup in a good spot.  A teal came in out of nowhere and I only saw it by hearing Scott shoot, he missed it but I got it on a long shot.  A bit later two mottled fly a bit too close and I got lucky (or unlucky how you want to view it) and got both with one shot.  Tanner we out to get the birds and tore up the feathers otherwise I probably would of had both mounted flying.

Wednesday December 3rd

I was invited to hunt Thunderbird along with Brent and Dane by Mr. Roger Allen (Locke).  We had a great hunt and a great time.  Thunderbird is a great lease and a very enjoyable lodge to stay in.  Link.  Famous last words...

"I'm about to get coonass on these shrimp, a bottle of Cajun Chef in one hand and the shrimp in the other" Cajun "Wussy" Duckman


Saturday December 6th

Took my brother and Smitty (Ryan), my bro got one, his first wood duck drake. First woody at halls I've heard about.

Sunday December 7th

Just my brother and myself, we head to a place I like to hunt, real easy and clean hunt.  We didn't have a watch, so we passed on some birds we could of had early, but we ended up with five birds, two gadwall, and three bluebills.

Tuesday December 9th

Happy Hour at Sams on Richmond
duck_bull, jg3, KatyDucker, brownchristian, Alfredo in Texas, aDUCKted, lab1, CBass, and TXBLACKLABMAN and 20gabismuth


Friday December 12th

Hunted with Cajun, Waller, and Thibodeaux in the West Roost.  Right at first light we had lots of birds working but too far out.  Waller dropped one right off the bat and I cripple a spoonie that we would not find.  I think that is it for the hunt.

Saturday December 13th

Refuge Gang Hunt 2003
Brents Pictures
More Picts
Waterrats Picts
Skacks Post
Skacks Picts
AQs Post
Drake 224s Post

Glenn, Mudman, Dickson, Mark (mbdux), Dwayne, Mike (20gabismuth)
Waller, Scott, Me, Brent

Sunday December 14th

Hunted with Brent, Dane, and Randy in the B pond.  We had some pintails work us that went over and behind us and we assumed they were gone, then all of a sudden they come in and three land in the dekes and the rest are behind them coming in but it happened so fast Brent and Dane shot, so we only ended up with the first three that were coming in.  That turned out to be all she wrote for that hunt.

Wednesday December 17th

I invited Skack down to the ranch for two days in search of a Mottled duck.  The first day Cajun, Jason, and I wanted to hunt Richards Pond but it was already taken so instead we went to DU#2 Pond.  It was a pretty cold morning, but we got setup in the blind with the spread and commenced to BSing.  We didn't hear much flying or see much, until a blue bill got a little too close, it flew left to right and I was on the far right, Cajun and Jason hit it and the bird did a back flip in midair!  Then it corrected itself and kept going, never saw a bird get hit that hard and keep going.  Then a little later about 10 teal buzz by us in front, too far to shoot, then all of a sudden they come back behind us and we unload.  I'm pretty sure I shot behind them and Jason and Brent shot as well and two teal fell.  Two of the best looking drakes I had ever seen before.  Jason is putting the second one on the wall.  That afternoon we went scouting for a mottled for Jason.  As we went by Richards pong a bobcat crossed the road, kinda cool, never seen one in the wild before.  We found some good looking spots, got stuck a few times, had fun.


Thursday December 18th

We went to one of the spots we found while scouting.  Well I got a little too close to the water and had to be pushed back to the harder soil.  So park and start to load up, walk a few steps and decide I am not gonna carry a full sack of G&H decoys.  The Duck Strap makes a good decoy strap in a pinch.  Well the soil where we were at was so soft you sank to your knees and had to walk on grass clumps.  This is much harder than it sounds when carrying a shotgun, gear, and wearing a heavy coat and waders.  Well about 20 yards and Jason is about to call it quits, so I go ahead and setup the 6 or so decoys and find a good spot and tell him to go there.  Well he finally gets there and we both recover from the hardest 75 yard walk there is.  Right at shooting time I hear the sound of wings and see a bird come in, Jason gets it, I let him get it and once he says its a drake, I finally get to relax.  We see a fair number of geese and sandys fly over us but nothing else in range.  So we head back to the ATV and the ride to South Texas.  Here is a copy of his post about it.

"Thursday comes and we drive the ATV up to where the grass line changes and almost bury the can go no more. We get the ATV out and we then start our trek not knowing what we were getting into. Let me tell you a story about the nastiest, boggiest mud I have ever had the pleasure of walking through in the dark. As Cajun stated if you could stay on the grass clumps you would be alright, but nothing short of a friggin' ballerina-balance beam gymnast could have balanced on those small clumps...not to mention hit them dead on in the dark. If you slid off it was bog up to your knee and sometimes your thigh. It took me almost 40 minutes to walk the 75 yards to the water's edge. At my weight I spent more time on my knees trying to get my leg out of the previous hole than I did standing up. Needless to say after 10 minutes into the walk, shooting my first mottled duck was looking less attractive by the second. After almost losing control of my bodily functions and having a "coming to Jesus meeting with myself" about me losing a lot of weight in 2004, I finally made it to the waters edge and found that the bottom in the water was quite hard. We threw out the four black duck decoys and I plopped my fat azz down to begin regaining my strength for the hunt. As light broke Brad made sure that I was to have first shot at all mottled ducks and he was to have it for all other ducks. We saw several mottleds, specks, snows and sandhills and got a single drake to come in right over the back two dekes. Splash, I've got my drake mottled band but I am not particular. I've been looking forward to that day for 10 years now. Brad yelled...."Is it a drake?" I said "Yes...Woo-Hoo"...All I heard was a "Good...let's get the F$%# out of here." The walk out was pretty much the same as the walk in except the ATV seemed like it was moving away as we neared it. I was never so glad to touch an ATV in my life.

I can say with absolutely zero pride lost that this was the most absolutely physical duck hunt I have ever been on and I have a new found respect for those of you that hunt the coastal saltmarsh. I am not saying that I have not been on some boggy freshwater hunts but none compare to what I did on Thursday honestly. My hats off to you."


Friday December 19th

Thursday night we drove to Aransas Pass with Jason to stay at his fathers house and get ready to hunt the next morning.  That night I met his brother Jody, his wife and their guide/friend Jason.  Jody, kinda reminds me of Mick Foley from WWE. Anyways, meet the guide and Jodys wife.  Dinner was.... interesting to saw the least.  These people aren't shy at all, glad they were friends otherwise someone buddy was gonna get dumped in the gutter somewhere.

Friday morning came a little early, but we were at the beach ready to go. Never been on an airboat, but it was pretty cool. Luckily I had brought my ear plugs so those and the muffs it wasn't loud at all. We get in the blind with JUST enough water so the dekes aren't on their side. First bird was a GWT drake I see come in at a 45 and I get him on the second shot to my right. Poor Abby chased that sucker down 100 or so yards. My pintail came in alone and thank god for the third shot, Jason said I hit it on the second shot, but on the third it fell dead. The next opportunity was the pintails that Jason passed on. And lastly, I am looking to my right and I see Jason swing and look just in time to see a teal fall.

Ok, went back, cleaned birds, and got the fishing poles. I think I have an anti-potlicking gene cause I couldn't catch jack on dead shrimp and the rest of them boys caught some reds.

Cleaned fish, ate some of Cajuns duck dirty rice and was about ready for a nap when the guide said load up, time to go.

Afternoon was on the opposite side of the bay in a blind that did pretty good in the morning. Don't remember much from this hunt other than my redhead was a far 40 yard shot overhead, but two rounds of 3" #2 into him with a WW choke just to watch him flutter 100 yards and land. I kept an eye on him for the next 30 minutes until he put his head down. Then I load up with Abby and start the walk. Jason also had a redhead down there so we picked them both up and got back.


Jason and I

Rafted Birds



My first redhead

Abby, Jason, me, Jody


Saturday December 20th

The next morning was with Jason and Jody at this blind near an island. We sure missed a lot of easy shots and Jason proved his luck as a hen killer. He is the only man who could kill a hen bluebill out of 35 bluebill drakes. I got my first buffalo head, a hen.

Mixed birds

Mixed birds


That afternoon with again with Jason and Jody and I got to see Jason get three with one shot. I was messing with the mojo and I hear freeze, so I just keep my head down and I hear a smack followed by the sound of the shot, I look up to see two dead birds and one leaking oil. No more Hevi-Shot for Jason. His bro and I made two great over head shots at redhead drakes. About 100 are flying over and Jody hits the one on the left and I got the one on the right. After we finish our redhead limit we are see about 4 birds to Jodys right that we call as red heads until they hit the sun right and I see a pintail, about 50 yards I yell widgeon but its too far. Right at sundown we cripple a sponnie that hits the water and goes under.

Abby and a duck



Abby and I

Me and Jason


All of the pictures

Tuesday December 23rd

My birthday, and I had to work.  Ate lunch with Andy and a co-worker.  Thanks for lunch Andy.

Wednesday December 24th

Brother and I went out to the lease for a little pass shooting. Stood around the oil drums for a while and then split up. Had one flock of 7 or 8 fly between us at 40-50 yards. Just about blew one wing off, and hit another pretty sure but it didn't show signs of being hit.

After cleaning it that buckshot makes a good wound. They need some highspeed #4 buck, that'd be a great sandhill load.

Thursday December 25th

My brother and I hunted with Mike at the Back porch Blind.  We saw a good number of birds but they all flared from us.  I think we ended up with a mottle drake, teal, and we crippled a spoonie that dove on us that we lost.  We saw tons of geese but none would get within 70 yards.

Saturday December 27th

I went on a dove hunt with Doe Nob near San Antonio.  We sure did shoot a lot the first 20 minutes, but did not connect much.

Wednesday December 31st

I hunted with Bay Prairie along with Andy, Skinnyme (Richard) and his brother.  Our guide was Brian I think and it sort of turned into a duck hunt instead of a goose hunt.  It looks like we ended up with two snows, a blue, two pintails, three doves, two mallards, a spoonie, a mottled drake, BWT, GWT, and four specs.  We should of had a lot more doves, and a few more ducks and man oh man did my goose shooting SUCK!  Post.


(L-R) Richard, Sandy, Andy, Me, Adam


Thursday January 1st

Hunted with Scotty and Mike in the south prairie, if we hadn't gotten set up late I think we would have done a lot better.  We shot, two gadwall, four snow geese, one spec, a teal and a pintail drake.  Post.


Saturday January 3rd

Mike was leading and we did not end up anywhere close to where we should have been.  We ended someone near the 30 acre lake.  I think we shot two teal, should of had ALOT more and I crippled a snow goose we got a second chance at but were not able to capitalize.

Sunday January 4th

Greg called me and asked me if I wanted to shoot a can, he didn't need to ask that twice, plus I got to sleep in!  So I got to his house around noon ready to go, waders, jacket, gun and all.  Meet up with Dwayne, Keith and his son, Jacob at Greg's house.  I helped Greg load up this (truthfully!) garage full of decoys all rigged Texas style.  I think G&H has Greg on speed dial!  Greg hooked up to Keith's boat, loaded about 100 or so decoys and we were off... to get gas.  Well then we arrived where to where filmed "Deliverance," unloaded the boat and set off.  We had very interesting weather, mist, then thick fog, then clear, then fog... Well anyways, after setting up several dozen decoys we started carrying gear to shore, and Keith and Greg went to park the boat.  Dwayne and I were in the blind first, just bsing and enjoying being outdoors when the fog rolls in.  Then like a jet on a quiet morning we heard them over our left shoulder.  We turn just in time to see eight or nine cans going left to right and then circling back and hover over the decoys right in front of us like this.  We both kinda froze waiting for each other to shoot and that didn't happen.  We both just watched the awesome sight and they flew off, exhaled and kinda looked at each other like what had just happened.  It was truly an awesome experience... then we heard Greg yelling, "why the hell did you shoot?!?," oh well, next time.  Well next time, we had a single drake come in from the right, circle around and pass in front and I didn't let him leave.  It was almost like my first deer, I kinda got the shakes as I walked out to get it.  Well cool, pressure is off, I got to sit back and watch Dwayne and Keith.

{From Dwayne's perspective}
After Brad got his, we were all excited and I was still in the hot seat.  Keith and Jacob came to join me in the make shift blind.  We sat there for an hour and twenty minutes with no birds; I am sweating bullets.  Jacob has fallen asleep and Keith and I joke about shooting while he's asleep.  Anyhow, finally out of the corner of my eye I see three jetting in, high and fast, the incredible sound of wings slicing wind as the big birds put on the brakes.  My heart is trying to jump out of my chest, they swing around and come back in from the right, between us and the dekes.  I'm getting ready to shoot and Keith calls me off, a single is coming in.  Well the three don't land and head back out to the north like they are leaving; then the single lands, a hen!!!  The three turn back and are bulls!  I see them coming and tell Keith I am taking the first one, he looked to be the biggest but I didn't really care at this point.  I take one shot and drop it, it appears wounded so I shoot twice more.  I got my Can!!!  Anyhow, Jacob was awoken by the shot, jumped up and was all happy I got one.  Pretty cool stuff.
Story continued... Dwayne sits down and Greg takes the hot seat.
While we are all milling around, a single comes jetting in from the north high 10 o'clock on Keith.  The bird circles in and decides to leave, Keith isn't happy.  About 15-20 minutes later Keith, Jacob, and Greg have another group come in.  Keith picks a bird and takes it with the first shot. He walks out to get it and throws the bird down on the water upset.  The bird has a broken bottom jaw. He was not happy until Greg and Brad tell him the Taxi can fix it, then he's is pretty happy.  Keith ended up with the largest bird of the trip.

Greg was the last and I sat next to him filming.  The first group came in and Greg let them circle, land, and leave.  The next came in so far and landed on the edge of the decoys that he didn't have to to react, once they were on the water they bunched up and didn't want to shoot them on the water.  So he stood up, picked one out on the wing and emptied out the SBE and connected on the third and final shot.  The bird was down, but starting to swim away.  I was next to Greg so I gave him an Estate #4 shell that we hoped would end the chase but it shot had no effect.  During this time Keith, Dwayne, and Jacob and come out from behind the cover to see the result.  Keith gave Greg a Hevi-Shot to try to finish off the bird.  The wind was really howling and it was hard to tell if the HS did any good.  The bird was swimming farther and farther away and we lost site of it.  So we sit back down and hoped for another, but none came.  Time to start packing up and as Dwayne and Keith head over to get the boat they yell to Greg to come see.  Well low and behold the bird died and drifted back to the cove where the boat was parked, what luck.  After packing up we headed back to Houston and to catch the end of the OU/LSU game.  This was my first hunt of this style and it was a total blast and something I will remember for a long, long time.  Post.



Blind and decoys

My first canvasback! smile

Dwayne and my canvasback and my SBE


Dwayne, me, Jacob, Keith


Wednesday January 7th

Today was a very cold and windy hunt with CBass and Doe Nob on the coast.  Public so we had to walk but it wasn't that bad, at least we weren't getting eating alive by mosquitoes.  Jason told us when putting out decoys to keep them in front and right, not left.  I would soon find out why.  We got all the decoys and went back to the blind where we tried to stay warm until shooting time.  Right at time a single duck comes in to the right hand side of the spread, where I am, and I drop her on my second shot.  Hen redhead. So, then later a bird comes in I think is a duck and drop it and Jason tells me its a merganser.  Never having shot one, I was kinda excited but it ends up to the back and right of our blind so I head over there and find out why Jason said to stay away, deep soft mud that I sank to my knees in.  Oh well, got my bird.  As I am walking back to the blind Andy and Jason shoot a mergy and miss another so I get it and get back to the blind, in a good lather after having made that walk.  No more ducks that day, did end up with seven mergys and one redhead and missed a few and even some black mergys.   Oh well, better than work.  Post.


Friday January 9th

Today was just me, Waller, and Cajun at the ranch.  I was supposed to meet them at the 'T' but was a bit late so we went to spot B, or so Brent called it.  Well we leave Johnnys road and start a soft ride back to the spot, today I was glad of the extra weight of Waller cause it gave me better traction.  So we get setup and put out decoys, and crap, no chair, oh well, I get to stand the whole hunt.  Well we put out a mix of teal, pintail hens, and mallard hens.  Go park the bikes and start a good 15 min. hike back to the blind, at least it was for me.  Note to self: No more boot foot waders for hunting the coast!  So we get setup in the grass and right at shooting time we hear wings, I finally see them from behind us just in time to see about 60 teal just totally blow by us, cool site but would have been cooler if they would have turned and set the wings.  Not much longer I kinda sense Brent swinging and I turn just in time to see him shoot a long shot at a teal but it was in vain.  Well a bit later two gadwalls come in and we get them both.  Then a little later we had a spoonie come in that we knocked down but it hit the grass and without a dog, was long gone.  So not much after than, blow at a few mottleds, but they are mottleds after all.  Then around 9:30 we hear some pinnys behind us, so Cajun and I blow at them just to see, keeping in mind we have no pintail drakes in the spread, but the birds turn, and lockup to the spread, frickin' awesome!  Well they are right at us so we each pick one and Brent calls the shot, I see Wallers fold, and another one go down and I hit mine on my second shot but he banks off and is still going, my third shot tries to save him, but no luck.  Waller and I reload and head out to the spread, I hear Brent cussing that out of all those drakes he hit a hen.  Well Waller gets his drake and I head over to the grass to look for mine and he says Brents is banded, I call BS figuring he was just gonna mess with Brent for shooting a banded hen pintail but he showed me the bird and sure enough.  First banded duck I've seen, very cool.  Well after an exhausting look for my pintail we pick up and head back.  Nice hunt, sure wish I would of had the LM in though.  Post.


Saturday January 10th

Took the day off from duck hunting and spent it chasing snipe with Andy and a buddy of his.  My shooting was pretty bad, sure did shoot a lot too.  Doe got his limit and the poor other guy never did get one.  Post.


Sunday January 11th

First and only skunk of the season.

Friday January 16th

Hunting rocked, had 4 before 7 and had more come in on me getting the 4, should of had a limit EASY by then, but thats the way it goes. Had 20 sit in the dekes and didn't cut a feather at 8, that was it. Had lots of gadwall lock their wings and flare off at 40 yards. ATV 20 feet away doesn't help much.  Stuck her pretty good this morning.  Tried to winch myself free but couldn't and had to get two guys in to help pull me out.


Saturday January 17th

Today it was me, Scotty, and Mike at Richards, my favorite place.  The water was WAY up and I almost flooded out when I hit the creek by accident.  Mike bike was down with a broken drive shaft so he was on mine and Scotty had Jessie.  We get it and hit the blind right off, but never realize it cause the grass has changed so much, so after some looking we start to setup and find the blind.  Not a lot flying today, got buzzed from behind early and should of had a couple more, but ended up with three BWT and one spoonie.  I cleaned one of the teal that Scotty hit with #6 HS, wow!  That stuff really hits hard.


Sunday January 18th

Today we were supposed to get to hunt the moat but someone more important complained so we got stuck at the gadwall hole.  Its a great hole if you have Avery blinds cause there is just NO cover.  So we make the best of it and all lay flat and cover in camo and just deal with it.  Shooting wasn't fast and furious but we ended up with six birds, five teal, and a goldeneye hen.  Those  BW drakes are stunning.

That evening my brother joined me and Mike for the last hunt on Halls in the 30 acre marsh.  We got setup and parked the ATVs, as soon we got back we had two gadwall lock up and come in, my bro and I were already loaded but Mike was caught in the open and they flared about 35 yards, Andrew and Mike shoot at the drake and swear it folded and I knocked down the hen.  A few minutes later, some more gadwall come in and we drop one of them.  Then we saw a lot of birds but they didn't decoy.  Then right before sunset all hell broke loose, there were birds everywhere.  My brother and Mike knocked down a mottled and while they were looking for it I crushed a spoonie and missed a shot on a teal.  Andrew shot a few more times but that was it for the South Zone 2004. 


Tuesday January 20th

I BBQed a few ducks tonight.  First I soaked them in teriyaki for two days, then cut them into strips and wrapped the duck and pineapple in bacon and then put them on the skewer and then when they were on the pit, poured some leftover pineapple juice on them. Really good! Post.



Saturday January 24th

Well I see a post by swing about having an extra spot, and I really wanted to hunt and see what swing is really like, thought for sure he was a hobbit from the picts I've seen so had to find out...

So I'm told to meet at Whataburger at 5:15, I might see gmann, bwanas, and a few others there.  238 miles, Hmm... I give myself three hours.  Since I couldn't sleep for jack I get leave here around 1:30 and pull into the Whataburger a tad before 4:30, not bad, average is right at 80 MPH , fuel econ at 13.8 MPG . Oh well, I'm early, I park and look around, then I see why its so popular.  Also in that pict I see the famous bwanas pull up.
Getting to be 5:30, no swing, so I call him and he is on the way, anyways he gets there, tells everyone out there the famous Drundel is in out there and points to my truck. Dan comes over as does M1TXhunter. Dan, FYI, I couldn't get the damn window down, I hit the lock button a few times until my nerves calmed down Anyways meet swing and panther and load up my gear in swings truck and head out. Get to this tank and drive right up to the blind, thats my kinda hunting, no 12 mile ATV ride out there and then 200 yard walk in the marsh. Put out decoys, get gear out, and get ready for the ducks. What was up with the 70 degree weather and no wind? Damn weather forecasters aren't just wrong in Houston I guess. Anyways, first bird of the hunt, a teal comes in and drifts to my side, shoot right over him, the other guys knock him down. Next one, drake sponny, swing jumps up and unloads on him before the rest of us even know what the hell is going on. hahhhahaaha Next bird, another teal, drifts to my side, I don't miss this time, but just as my shot hits the bird the guy next to me, David, shoots a bit under and the bird falls into his shot, feathers and blood all over the water. Saw a few more, had some gadwalls look us over but not get within 100 yards. We had a spoonie land on the opposite side and when panthers son gets up to walk the tank the damn bird comes right to swing, must be some mental mind trick from swing, we cripple the bird and it sails near panthers son and he smokes it. Finished the hunt, 5 birds.

So after the hunt we head up to meet up with Count and see how his group did, they had 3 birds, two widgeon and one gadwall. Said they should of had more gadwall, some pintail and lots of turkeys. Damn birds knew not to get near me. We get to BSing and he says I can hunt with him on Sunday and says to crash at his house. That sounds a lot better than a 3 hour drive home on 4 hours of sleep. We head out that afternoon to try for some more ducks, I'm gonna let Count tell that story, but its a good one. Get back to the house, eat and drink and crash out good. Wake up at 4:30 head to the lake, launch the boat and go to the spot and we see the dreaded Q-beam, crap, plan B. Head to the other side and put out a spread, just as we are hiding the boat we hear barneys in the woods! Crap, some dudes set up I swear 75 yards from us. Oh well, thats the breaks, we have a big duck work us a bit but never does get under 50 yards. Have 2 wood ducks fly from behind us and never really saw them in time. Had about 40 cans work the spread, totally awesome to see them work. If the barneys hadn't of been there and we could have adjusted a bit, I bet we would of had two. Oh well, pack up and head to the lease. Get four. Probably the best GWT I've ever seen, never saw one with blue on the back of its head, awesome bird.

I found out after that Count went back out to the lake we were at this morning and almost drowned!  Talk about being freaked out, that pict. above would have been the last pict. of him alive and I would have been the last person to see him, that was just plain freaky!

My Post.
Swing's Post.
Count's Post.


Well boys and girls thats it.  Pretty much every hunt in 2003-2004 Dove, Teal, Duck, and Goose Season.  Note to self, weekly updates, are MUCH better than spending three weeks on this.