September 1st 2000

Opening day in Austin.  Tyler and I left Thursday night from College Station and got in around 12 AM that night.  We got up at 5:20 AM and drove to Connies.  We did quite well that morning.

mine.jpg (27879 bytes)
My limit that morning.  I had 12 white-wings, and 3 morning.
tyler.jpg (30602 bytes)
I think Tyler had 12 white-wings, and 1 morning.
group1.jpg (26026 bytes)

group2.jpg (27026 bytes)

September 2nd 2000

Tyler left last night and my dad and brother showed up.  We did a little better than the day before.


3ofus.jpg (28254 bytes)
My brother, my dad and I.
3birds.jpg (26680 bytes)
Our birds that morning.  I shot 13 white-wings, and 2 mornings.
3birds2.jpg (25982 bytes)
My brother shot 14 white-wings, and 1 morning.  My dad shot 5 mornings.
dual.jpg (42440 bytes)
My brother and I shooting at a dove
missed.jpg (36172 bytes)
My brother and I watching it fly away
three.jpg (43648 bytes)
My brother, dad, and I after the hunt



September 8th 2000

Me, Ric, and Matt went out and shot some.

id.jpg (31599 bytes)
Matt, Brad, Ric
id2.jpg (18284 bytes)
Matt, Brad, Ric
id_morn.jpg (27869 bytes)
We shot 15 in the morning.  I think it was 6 white-wings, and 9 mornings.
id_night.jpg (26431 bytes)
We shot 18 in the afternoon.  With 4 being white-wings, and 14 mornings.  That big white-wing was the biggest I've ever shot before.  Ric also got a call from Bill Cosby.


October 1st 2000

More from Austin...
  My good friend Amanda accompanied me on what turned out to be my last dove of of the fall.  The day started out good but the doves soon disappeared.  She got two and thinks she dropped one more.  I got one, and cheated on one.


November 18-19th 2000

Me, Ric, Matt, Jay, Carl, Alan, and Alex were up near Afton, TX shooting deer, quail, rabbits, and chasing hogs.
This was my first time quail hunting, and I must say it was a blast.  Its amazing those little birds can fly so fast.  I've always seen quail hunters on TV and have been amazed that people missed at all.  Well hell, I admit I only shot one bird the second day.  The first day I did much better with 6.  The bird can be right under me and by the time I could get a shot off it was about 25 feet away and going fast.  Fun stuff...


group1.jpg (41187 bytes)
After the first days quail hunt, Alan, Jay, Carl, Matt, Ric, and Alex (CW).  The lab is Rooster.
group2.jpg (38760 bytes)
Same picture with me in it.
1st.jpg (36277 bytes)
There are 18 quail here and one cotton-tail.
group3.jpg (31184 bytes)
The seconds days hunt.
2nd.jpg (47359 bytes)
There are 14 quail here and 5 cotton-tails.

December 12th 2000

Last hunting BBQ.
At Matt's house, well three times this year Matt, Jason, and Scott have had a BBQ at their house with all sorts of animals we shot, or fish we caught.  This time we had doves, quail, deer, catfish, and Axis deer.  Lots of people were there, Matt, Tina, Scott, Jason, Ric, Misty, Brad, Amanda, and lots of other people.

amanda.jpg (13693 bytes)
Amanda and Brad

January 13th 2001

Duck hunting in Luling, TX.
d_gadwall.jpg (33213 bytes)
A drake gadwall I shot.

January 19th 2001

Duck hunting in Luling, TX.
A friend from high school,  Steve Williams, and I went ducking hunting on our place in Luling, TX.

limit.jpg (78800 bytes)
9 gadwalls, 5 drakes 3 hens, and Steve shot 4 green-wing teal
limit2.jpg (53219 bytes) limit3.jpg (51967 bytes)

January 25th 2001

Goose hunting in El Campo, TX.
Tyler and I went to El Campo to shoot some birds.  On the first morning we each shot a blue, and later that afternoon he shot a snow and the next morning I shot a snow.


Tyler and I and our blues

Me and my snow

Tyler and his snow

Me and my snow

Our guns and our blues (L-R mine-his)
More pictures from this trip including some great close up of birds flying