September 1st 2001

Opening day in Austin...
I left from my new job with Schlumberger in my new truck and met Coby at an Exxon station at Dairy Ashford and I-10.  Coby and I got to Connies about 6ish.  We went to the back field to find 40 or 50 acres of sunflowers!!!  The 31st was the first day it hadn't rained in a week and the birds were out and eating.  I took that as a good sign and called Steve and told him sick or not I would get up here ASAP!  We got up at 5:20 AM and drove to Connies, took our gear to the field and waited.  We didn't wait long.  My first two shots yielded two very wet morning doves.  Not bad for a new gun, a Beretta 391 Sport Gold with Silver sides.  Anyways enough of the typing.  Coby got his limit around 10 and I got mine at 8:50 and with using under 2 boxes of shells.  (Ok side note, I just saw the date that says 8/31/01 THAT IS NOT CORRECT, MY DATE ON MY CAMERA IS WRONG!!!)

Guns & Birds

Coby and Me

Coby's Birds

My Birds

September 2nd 2001

Second day in Austin...
Steve met us in Oak Hill about noonish on the 1st.  We went back to our place in Dripping and let his bird dog Baily get used to the small of the doves.  We did just as well the next morning.  It was the first time I in a long while I have been out shot, and what's even worse it was by a 20 gauge Fausti O/U.

Coby, Steve, Me (L-R)

Our birds (L-R)

My birds

September 3rd 2001

Third day in Austin...
By this time Coby and Steve have gone home and some Aggie buddies came up, Matt, Ryan, and Collin joined me.  Matt and Ryan are fellow ID students and I have hunted with them in the past and Matt hosts the semi-annual "Redneck BBQ."  Collin is a fellow pistol-nut buddy who I took my CHL class with.  They came up on the 2nd and got in some evening shooting, I believe Ryan had 4, Collin, 1 and Matt took 9.  That night Matt cooked up 23 birds with jalapeño, onion, and bacon; good stuff!!!  The next morning I was shooting like my usual self.  My first 5 shots had 5 birds and the next 4 shots had 2 more birds.  Matt and Ryan had ENTC 330 that day so they shot fast and furious and had to leave around 8:30.  When they left I think Matt again had 9 birds and Ryan had 5.  I think Collin quit when he had close to 5 and again I had my limit.

Collin and Mine (L-R)

Collin and Me (L-R)

September 8th 2001

Second weekend in Austin...
This time it was Collin again and Amanda Mossburg with me.  Something I forgot to say before but Collin first hunt was about and he was using my Benelli Nova.  Amanda fancies herself as quite a good shot and she was sporting a new Beretta 390 Sport with porting from Briley.  We had planned this hunt for quite some time and talked a lot of trash to each other about who would be the better shot and who would outshoot who.  Lets just say it was wisdom before beauty.  Collin did VERY well and got his limit around 9 and I felt I was shooting very poor but still got my limit at 8:30.  Oh well I had a helluva time and I really appreciate my Godmother for letting us chase doves.

Collin, Me, Amanda (L-R)

Mine, Amanda's, Collin's (L-R)

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September 15th 2001

Opening day of Teal season at Peach Point WMA...
This was a whole new experience for me and I hunted with Steve again and some of his friends, Nathan, Patrick, and Dustin.  I got up at 2 AM and met Steve at his house.  We then drove out to meet the above guys who camped out over night and get us a tag; I think they were 34.  We chose Big Ridge and did well.  Steve, Dustin, chose a FAR walk and got our limit fast (well Dustin and I did, Steve forgot his Duck stamp).  I'll admit that I shot like crap, those little ducks ain't nothin' like dove!  I shot 22 times and only hit 4 teal.

Dustin, Me, Nathan, and Patrick (L-R)

September 16th 2001

Second day at Peach Point WMA...
Well this time we camped out there too.  Nathan, Patrick, and myself pulled in around 8 that night and started up the BBQ.  We brought along the teal we shot that morning and some chicken breasts we bought at Wal-Mart.  Cooked them just like we did the doves above.  Steve was at a birthday of someone his girlfriend knows and he joined us a little later and Dustin was in College Station (WHOOP!!!) watching Robert Earl Keen and Pat Green.  We were the third legit truck in line (I don't count those people who pull up later and park on the right hand side of the road).  We hunted the same general area the next day.  I am pretty sure I took the first two teal of the day for the whole area but then proceeded to miss my next 20 shots.  It was pretty ugly.  Steve got 4 by 8 and left to change for church for his girl again.  I finally got my limit around 10:30 and Nathan and Patrick were pretty soon thereafter.  I have a new found respect (and I had a lot to begin with) for duck hunters.  That is a tough walk out there, you have to carry EVERYTHING, and there is no ATV or boat to help you out.  And the mosquitoes, my God I thought I was going to get drained.  I am still itching from those damn bugs.  Oh well it was worth it to see those little birds come in full speed with cupped wings, what a rush.


September 21-22nd 2001

With STS in Santa Fe, TX
I was invited to hunt with STS in Santa Fe at their annual dove hunt.  I was told about the hunt from a co-worker at Slb and I really appreciate the invite.  Well Steve and I got there Friday around 5 PM and were told we had just missed the main flights.  We still got 1 bird before the rain chased us out.  So we came back the next morning, after enjoying some doughnuts and breakfast burritos we went back out to the field.  It started raining soon after we got there but I managed to get 2 doves before we got too wet.  We went back to the camp and Steve had to leave to IAH so I stated and enjoyed conversation and food.  Not just any food, probably the best ribs I have ever had before in my life.  My hats off to Tommy for making those.  Around 11 I head back out to the field and sliding down some very wet and messy roads I park by some trees and set up camp.  I got 3 sitting by a brush line but then decide to go to the middle of the field were there was still standing grass.  I got the rest of my limit here, so I thought.  I forgot you are allowed 15 in the south zone.  Oh well, I met up with Steve and his fiancée Amanda and head out there again for some more shooting.  Well I filled my limit and Steve got 3.  We then sat there and shot the bull with Tommy, and Jeff for the next few hours and enjoyed lots of great good.  Overall it was a great hunt and fun time.


Miscellaneous October

Went dove hunting once with my dad and brother at our place in Luling, Tx.  I think I shot 2 and my brother shot 2.


January 10th

Went hunting with Larry Gore outfitters with some fellow Schlumberger co-workers.  The final count is 7 specs., and 4 snows, and 1 blue.  We saw TONS of birds and should have had more but you know how that goes.  I am really pissed I missed a shot at a Canadian.


January 12th

I was invited with Brent and Brandon to join them at their Halls Bayou Ranch lease.  We shot 1 drake gadwall and either 5 or 6 GWT.  This is the kinda place I want to have a lease on.  Only 20 minutes away from my house and lots of place to hunt.  Too bad it costs a fortune and I'll need an ATV and/or boat.


January 19th

Closing weekend of duck and dark season at Peach Point.  Nathan, Steve, and I hunted 1300 #8.  We shot 2 spoonies,  4 snows (1 ross), and 1 blue.  I am having the Ross mounted.  The other group we were with got their limit of ducks (3 man limit) and got some geese too.


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