Species, Age and Sex Identification of Ducks Using Wing Plumage

Harlequin Duck

Wing Character Male Female
Adult Immature Immature Adult
TertialsDistal three are mostly white on their outerwebs and their tips are not frayedDistal three are dark brown; paler near their shafts; usually frayed at their tips; sometimes an adult-type replacement permits sex identificationDark gray; blunt and their tips are not frayed
SecondariesVery dark iridescent blueDark brown; often appear raggedBlack, shading to gray; tips smoothly rounded and not frayed
Greater covertsTwo or three have large white spots; all are dark blueDark brown; often slightly faded; may appear raggedBlack, shading to dark gray; tips smoothly rounded and not frayed
Middle and lesser covertsMost are dark blue; usually three have white spotsDark brown; tips are usually raggedBlack-tipped; shading to dark gray on bases of coverts

JPG-Adult male harlequin duck JPG-Adult female harlequin duck JPG-Immature harlequin duck

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