Species, Age and Sex Identification of Ducks Using Wing Plumage

Common Goldeneye

Wing Character Male Female
Adult Immature Immature Adult
Middle and lesser covertsEntirely white over all but the most proximal secondariesA variable mixture of gray or gray-white and black over the secondariesMany feathers entirely white; others only white tipped
Greater secondary covertsEntirely whiteWhite, with or without traces of black at their tips which are often slightly frayedWhite with a wide black band across their tips
Notch- length94% > 218 mm.97% > 210 mm.98%< 210 mm.98% < 218 mm.
Greater tertial covertsBlack, tips rounded and not frayedBlack, somewhat pointed, often both frayed and faded at tipsBlack; tips rounded and often showing traces of gray
TertialsShiny black; not frayed or fadedDull black; tips usually faded to grayShiny black; not frayed or faded

JPG-Adult male common goldeneye JPG-Adult female common goldeneye JPG-Immature male common goldeneye JPG-Immature female common goldeneye

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